Mike Keiser is probably best known as the founder and owner of Bandon Dunes, Cabot Links and other world-renowned golf resorts. But his most instructive job might have been his first: caddie.

“Caddying teaches you about golf, but also a lot about life and what it means to work hard,” he says. As a longtime friend to caddies everywhere, Keiser has put his legendary work ethic and vision on display while helping the Evans Scholars Foundation grow.

Ten years ago, the Foundation approached him for a significant gift. Keiser agreed on one condition: that other supporters join him at the same level.

Working closely with Keiser, the Foundation created the Match Play Challenge, a major gifts initiative that is still driving the annual increase in the number of Evans Scholars in school, even as college costs continue to rise.

Keiser's influence hasn't faded, either. Now a Co-Chair of The Promise Campaign, he's still challenging the status quo while pushing the Foundation to new levels.

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