If it wasn’t for the Evans Scholarship, Gina Lavorata O-Hehir never would’ve pursued her dream of becoming a lawyer.

“My parents had no money for college, so I would’ve had to take out loans,” she says. “I would not have entertained the idea of law school if I had loans.”

She found another way. Gina started caddying at Ridgemoor Country Club in the suburbs of Chicago. She earned the Evans Scholarship to Marquette University and got into law school after graduation. Now she has her own private practice focusing on real estate and family law.

“Receiving the Evans Scholarship allowed me the freedom to pursue the career I really wanted, which changed my life and my family’s as well,” she says.

Today, Gina is paying it forward. In addition to supporting The Promise Campaign by participating in the Match Play Challenge, she has served as a WGA Director since 2014. As a co-chair of the Western Golf Association’s Scholarship Committee, she’s had a chance to travel to Selection Meetings across the country to meet prospective Evans Scholars.

“I am always moved by the struggles that each candidate has to overcome,” she says. “There has not been one day of meetings that I haven’t had to pull out the tissues.”

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