Dean Barkoulies remembers watching his older sister struggle with the burden of student loans when she went to college.

He started caddying at Medinah Country Club near his Addison, Ill., home in hopes of having a different experience. He calls earning the Evans Scholarship to Miami University “a game-changer.” Without it, he would’ve taken on his own debilitating loans – a difficult decision that could have compromised his future.

In addition to easing his financial burden, the Evans Scholars Program introduced Dean to a community of caddies at Miami University. He became a leader in the Miami Scholarship House – serving as chapter president – and credits that community for shaping the man he is today.

Dean graduated from Miami in May of 2021 and took a position at PwC in Chicago. As he starts his career, he’s focused on showing the next generation of Evans Scholars the way forward.

“I promise to set a good example in everything I do, which is the Evans Scholars way,” he says.

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